Who We Are


We are a primary school nestled in the Eunos Crescent neighbourhood in the Eastern part of Singapore. We place great emphasis on values education because we believe that it all starts with the right values. Our children must be grounded in the right values to guide them in making the right decisions and standing by these decisions even in the face of opposition. We also want to see our children becoming happy learners who have positive attitudes and dispositions towards learning.We spare no effort in creating a conducive learning atmosphere by building a supportive and nurturing environment in the school. We aim to nurture confident communicators who can express themselves well and effectively with poise, grace and conviction.


As the world is becoming more complex, we feel there is a great need for our children to be taught how to be discerning, make sense of the information and stimuli presented to them and act in a responsible and ethical manner. Thus, critical thinking is also one of our priority areas in the school. We welcome your child and promise to do our best to grow every life entrusted to us to his/ her fullest potential.



Why Eunos Primary?

Hear what parents have to say about our school and staff:


"I want to thank you and all his teachers who has walked this journey with him from Primary 1 for your care and efforts in educating and nurturing my child to what he is today.  He is a special child because of all your efforts and I can't thank you more for this.  I am glad that I made the right decision to choose Eunos Primary School for him."


(Note: Bryan Toh's parents were featured in the schoolbag.sg article titled 'Choosing the right primary school for your child. Click here to view the article.)


- Mrs Toh, mother of Bryan Toh (P5/1)



"Mrs Tan was soooooo supportive & we can only say THANK YOU a thousand and one times for being there to keep Lorenzo in good company. She was a second mom to say the least!!!!"

- Joanna, mother of Lorenzo (P3/1)

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